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Washington $10,000 Arson Award Fund

Arson Hotline: 800-55-ARSON

Since 1978, NW Insurance Council has fully funded Arson Alarm Foundation's annual $10,000 Award Fund for Washington. Citizens are encouraged to report information about an arson or a suspicious fire by calling the Arson Hotline at (800) 55-ARSON or contacting local authorities. Callers may remain anonymous. Callers who offer tips that lead to the arrest or conviction of arsonists may be eligible for an award.

Arson Alarm Foundation is a partnership between propery/casualty insurers and members of the fire and law enforcement communities. The foundation seeks to help local communities reduce arson fires and apprehend arsonists through public awareness and monetary awards for Washington citizens.

Visit the Arson Alarm Foundation to find out how you can help fight arson.

$10,000 Arson Award Poster

What's on TAAP
More than half of all arson cases involve children under the age of 18. That's why NW Insurance Council and Arson Alarm Foundation have unveiled the new Teen Arson Awareness Program (TAAP) for local fire departments and schools. The program features a poster that can be displayed in middle and high schools. The poster is designed to warn teens about the dangers of arson and encourage them to report arson activity to authorities. Arson is a difficult crime to solve. Only 18 percent of all arson cases result in prosecution. Teens who provide tips to investigators that lead to an arrest or conviction of an arsonist may be eligible for an award up to $10,000.

TAAP is an initiative designed to compliment local fire prevention and investigative efforts by creating an incentive for youth to step forward with credible tips. The goal is reduce the amount of arson fires involving children by increasing awareness and rewarding young citizens.

If you're a member of a fire department, law enforcement agency or a school and you'd like to participate in this valuable program, please contact Darrin Sanger, NW Insurance Council communications director, at (800) 664-4942 or e-mail to

If you're an investigator and you would like to nominate a person for an arson award, download this WA Arson Awards Nomination Form and fax it to (206) 624-1975.