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Civic activities

In those areas where damaging earthquakes can be expected, support building codes and practices with up-to-date seismic provisions, plus strict inspection and firm enforcement. (Modern engineering can provide structures which resist earthquake damage many times better than older practices. If no such regulations or code provisions exist in your community, you should support their enactment.) Support land-use practices that discourage development in areas near faults and prone to landslides or soil failure.

Support school, hospital, and other vital facility building programs which provide for the strengthening of weak buildings or their replacement with earthquake-resistant structures on ground reasonable safe from failure during a strong earthquake.

Support community efforts to replace or upgrade weak buildings and to insure that loose objects on building exteriors (for example, cornices) are either removed or securely fastened.

Organize and support programs to prepare for future earthquakes (Schools and civic organizations could provide a very beneficial community service by holding earthquake drills and training sessions to prepare citizens to react properly when earthquakes occur.)