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All Around the House

Are walkways in rooms clear of furniture?
Have you removed or secured loose rugs? Are rooms adequately lit?
Are electrical cords running along walls taped securely to baseboards?
Have you attached non skid strips to stairs?
Have you installed non skid mats or strips in showers and bathtubs?
Are outdoor pathways well-lit?
Do outdoor lights come on automatically at dusk?
Have you installed lever-type door and faucet handles?
Are your stairways made inaccessible by gates, complete with child-proof locks, installed at both the top and bottom of the stairs?
Have you installed window guards on all windows above the ground floor to prevent
your child from falling out?
Do you routinely scan your house for small objects that can choke a child: safety pins, coins, pop-tops from beverage cans, nails, tacks, crayon pieces and chewing
gum, among many others?
Do you keep purses, jewelry, buttons, and small items where children can't touch them?
Are your electrical outlets protected by safety covers to keep objects and fingers out, and to keep electrical cords plugged in.
Are the cords on your blinds short enough so young hands can't reach them?

In the kitchen
Have you locked up items that need to be out of children's reach?
Have you installed latches and locks on cabinets?
Are poisonous cleansers, detergents, and soaps stored properly?
Are they kept in their original containers labeled with safety information?
Are knives and matches out of reach of curious hands?
Are alcoholic beverages store up high?
Are kitchen cabinets within reach or made more accessible with roll-out trays or lazy susan's?
Do you keep a "grabber" handy to reach high shelves?
Are appliance knobs and thermostats easy to read?
Is it easy to see and dial the numbers on the telephone?
Is the timer signal for the stove loud enough?
Are lights easy to turn off and on?

In the Bathroom
Is the medicine cabinet locked?
Is the medicine cabinet properly stocked for emergencies (first-aid kit, ipecac syrup, etc.,)?
Do you keep cleanser, shampoos, soaps, toiletries and cosmetics out of the children's reach?
Are medicines and vitamins stored in their original, labeled containers with child-proof lids?
Are there grab bars next to the toilet and in the tub and shower?
Is there a bench in the bathtub?
A hand-held shower head?
Are night-lights installed that turn on automatically?
Do you properly discard unnecessary medications, or those that have expired?
Do you personally supervise bath times, never leaving toddlers unattended in the tub?

In the Bedroom
Are perfumes, cosmetics, and medicines far from children's hands?
Do you keep purses, jewelry, buttons, and small items where children can't touch them?

In the Living Room
Are cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays, and alcoholic beverages kept out of children's reach?
Have you placed your plants where children can't reach them to ingest their leaves?
Do you know the names of your house plants in case you must call a Poison Control Center to report your child has swallowed something?
Is the Poison Control Center's phone number clearly posted or pre-programmed on
your phone?
What about other emergency numbers?

In the Garage and Basement
Are insect sprays, fertilizers and weed killers locked up?
Have turpentine and paint been stored properly where children can't reach them?
Are windshield wiper fluid, rust removers, gasoline, anti freeze, and other solvents
kept in a locked cabinet?

Do you apply sun block of SPF 15 or higher every time your child goes out in the sun?
Does your child wear a hat and a T-shirt for sun protection?
Is your child's personal playground well-constructed?
Is the equipment on a soft, resilient surface, rather than hard ground?
Do your children know how to use the playground properly, and only when supervised?