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Strong Neighborhood
Action Program (SNAP)

Community Building Grants

NW Insurance Council makes Strong Neighborhood Action Program grants available to community councils in federally-designated Weed and Seed site. NW Insurance Council also provides Community Building Grants to neighborhood organizations throughout Northwest state.

Grants are designed for neighborhood restoration and community building projects. The strongest applications meet both requirements and address the "broken window" effect of crime.

For more information or to obtain a grant application, contact NW Insurance Council at (206) 624-3330 or (800) 664-4942.

Grant Requirements
When applying for a SNAP grant, grant recipients must be a community council or neighborhood association within Weed and Seed boundaries and must provide Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation when submitting a grant application.

Community Grants are open to any community-oriented organization working on behalf of communities in the Northwest. The project must benefit the entire community.

Preliminary Proposals for SNAP grants are due May 31. If proposals meet SNAP requirements, applicants will be asked to submit a full proposal by July 31. E-mail Caryn Badgett, NW Insurance Council grants director at for the Preliminary Project Proposal.

Community Building Grant applications may be submitted at any time and are awarded on an ongoing basis. Please contact the NW Insurance Council office for more information.

Initial Approach
Contact NW Insurance Council's Grants Director Caryn Badgett at (800) 664-4942 to request a grant application. For more information, order a free Strengthening Neighborhoods brochure.