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How to buy Auto Insurance

Purchasing Auto Insurance is an important financial decision. Knowing how to compare companies and rates and what questions to ask can go along way toward buying an insurance policy that best fits your financial needs.

  • Shop around
    Many companies sell auto insurance. Compare prices. In some states, prices vary by up to 100 percent. Ask agents, brokers or insurance companies for price comparisons. Some state insurance departments publish guides showing what different companies charge in certain situations in various parts of the state.
  • See if you can lower your insurance rates
    Many companies offer discounts on the price of auto insurance to people who have passed an approved driver education course or who have a B-grade average or better. Take proof of driver education and/or good grades with you when you shop for insurance. Many companies also offer discounts if a car has anti-theft devices or air bags.
  • Investigate the types and amounts of coverage you need
    For example, if your car is not worth much, you may not want to buy Collision Coverage.
  • Ask about discounts
    Many insurance companies offer substantial discounts for insuring more than one vehicle, for not being involved in any accidents in the previous three years, for completing driver safety courses and for having an anti-theft device in the vehicle.
  • Choose an agent, broker or company representative you trust
    Ask friends or relatives, or consult the telephone book. Ask questions.
  • Read your policy
    As a contract, an insurance policy creates several obligations for both you and the insurance company. For example, the company must defend you in court if you are sued under the policy.  Therefore, its important to give your insurer complete, accurate and timely information about any accident or ticket. Before you sign anything, review the policy and any confusing language with your insurance representative and family.