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The average insured American household pays between $200-$300 in insurance premiums to pay for insurance fraud each year. Fraudulent claims for medical treatment, worker’s compensation, homeowners and automobile insurance cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars annually. Stolen cars alone account for nearly $8 billion each year.*

NW Insurance Council offers an annual $5,000 Insurance Fraud Award for Northwest citizens who report fraud activity to law enforcement. We also work with a number of private and public agencies to stop insurance fraud such as Puget Sound Special Investigators, Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, National Insurance Crime Bureau and the Idaho Department of Insurance Fraud Bureau.

You can help stop fraud. If you know of someone who has committed insurance fraud, report that person. You may be eligible for an award of up to $5,000. Call the Insurance Fraud Hotline at (800) TEL-NICB. You may remain anonymous.