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NW Insurance Council
Insurance Fund Foundation

Citizens-based Arson & Fraud Awards Funds

Introduction to the Organization

NW Insurance Council is a non-profit, public-education and media relations trade association, funded by member insurance companies.  Its mission is to foster knowledge and awareness of insurance issues among consumers, lawmakers and the media. 

NW Insurance Council participates in numerous projects to assist the public in better understanding the value of insurance and how insurance works. A key part of the council's mission is helping insurers, fire and law enforcement stop and reduce insurance crimes such as arson, insurance fraud and auto theft.

Through the Insurance Fund Foundation, NW Insurance Council takes an active role in promoting safety and security by funding important initiatives and organizations like the Arson Alarm Foundation and funding vital citizens-based awards funds across the Northwest.

In Washington, NW Insurance Council offers a $10,000 Arson Awards Fund through the Arson Alarm Foundation. The council also offers a $5,000 Arson Awards Fund in Oregon in partnership with the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI)/OR Chapter. In Idaho, the council offers a $5,000 Arson Awards Fund through State Fire Marshal's Office. Citizens who step forward with information that helps investigators track down and arrest arsonists are eligible to receive monetary awards.

NW Insurance Council also offers a $5,000 Northwest Insurance Fraud Awards Fund for citizens who report tips to authorities about people committing insurance fraud.