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Insurance companies pay millions each year in claims from policyholders. Those claims result from losses suffered during fires, windstorms, robberies, auto accidents, dog bites, falls and a host of other traumatic incidents.

Instead of waiting until an accident strikes you or your family, save time, money, and anxiety by doing three important things now:

  1. Look through your policies to see what is - and isn't - covered. The coverages and exclusions in your insurance policies can differ significantly from those of your friends. The best advice is to understand your policies before you have a claim.
  2. Ask your insurance agent or company representative to explain anything that you don't understand.
  3. If you have an accident, be sure to talk to your insurance company before you call a lawyer. The vast majority of claims are settled without a lawyer. If you decide you need a lawyer, be sure you establish what his or her fee arrangement is in advance. Remember that when you hire a lawyer, you lose your ability to represent yourself with the insurance company.

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