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  • Put the Heat on Arson
  • Children's Fire Prevention


  • 9 Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs
  • Auto Insurance: What Drives the Costs and What Can Be Done About It?
  • OOPS!! - Auto Insurance Tips
  • Shopping for a Safer Car
  • Teen Drivers:
    • Beginning Teenage Drivers
    • Under 21? You Don't Have to be Buzzed to be Busted
    • Graduated Driver Licensing

Automated Insurance Tools:

  • Credit & Insurance
  • Credit Base Insurance Scores: Tools for Insurance Agents (CD)
  • What Every Insurance Agent Needs to Know About Credit-Based Insurance Scores

Business Owners:

  • Insuring Your Home Business


  • Settling Insurance Claims After a Disaster
  • How To File an Insurance Claim

Community Development:


  • Are You Ready? Preparing Your Family, Home & Business for the Next Disaster
  • You Can Go Home Again - Returning home after a natural disaster
  • Getting Back to Business - A guide for the small business owner following a disaster
  • Flood:
    • Flood - Are You Protected From the Next Disaster?
    • If a Hail Storm Hits
    • Protect Your Home Against EQ Damage
    Wildfire: Volcano
    • Volcanic Ashfall: How to be Prepared for an Ashfall
    Other Disasters:
    • Lightning Protection - Defense Against This Destructive Force
    • Surviving Severe Cold Weather
    • Protect Your Home Against Damage From Freezing Weather


  • Be Fire Smart: Tips for Meeting Planners
  • Be Fire Smart: Tips for High-Rise Apartment Dwellers
  • Home Fire Safety Checklist
  • Protect Your Home from Fire


  • Insurance Fraud: You Pay the Price
  • Insurance Fraud: The crime that hurts us all
  • Which one of these people helped take $200-$300 out of your pocket last year?
  • Insurance Fraud: Listen We Have a Secret to Tell You
  • Insurance Fraud: The Crime You Pay For
  • Insurance Fraud: Fraud Is the Second Most Costly White-collar Crime in America


  • Oregon Health Forum - The Source You Can Rely on for Health Policy News
  • What is Medicare?


  • Insurance For Your House & Personal Possessions
  • Home Security Basics
  • The Home Inventory
  • 12 Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs
  • Am I Covered? Common questions asked by homeowners about insurance
  • Kerosene Heater Safety
  • You Don't Want Strangers Pointing Out Your Home Security Flaws
  • Protect Your Home From Water Damage
  • Maintenance Guide For Your Home


What You Should Know About Buying Life Insurance

  • Renters Insurance
  • Here Today. Gone Tomorrow!
  • Renters Guide

  • Stolen - Vehicle Theft
  • Motorcycle Theft & Fraud
  • Leave Boat Thieves in Your Wake
  • Injury, Collision Theft & Losses
  • ID Theft: Making you look like the bad guy

Water Safety:
  • Water Safety Guide for Young Adults

Other Resource Information:
  • Teen Yellow Pages
  • Insurance Information Institute Fact Book 2007
  • Insurance Information Institute Fact Book 2006
  • Looking for a Speaker? We Can Help
  • Speaking of Insurance
  • Risk, Responsibility, Reality: How Insurance Works (DVD)